Top 3 Swiss Army Knives That You Can Carry During Travel

The blade is made of high carbon VG-10 that touts a high Rockwell hardness rating and is chosen for its superior edge retention. Shun Paring Knife - There are a few different styles of the Japanese made Shun The classic Shun paring knife has a few distinct features. The handles are ergonomically designed for ideal finger and hand placement. These knives have an incredibility sharp, sixteen degree cutting angle. The classic line and the premier are the most popular and widely available.

This hand hammered finish not only looks great but also reduces the drag on whatever you're cutting. This is one knife that you'll want to check out. The Shun premier knife not only has all of these same features but also has one distinct difference. Its blade is hand hammered adding a decorative look that can't matched. "Huntsman" knife, with knife chain and belt clip. As long as you have your wallet on you you'll have screwdrivers, tweezers, a pen, and it even has a small LED for lighting places that your phone or flashlight might be too big to get to.

Although its design makes it the perfect backup tool, the feature-packed Swisscard Lite has enough going for it that even if it's the only tool you carry you should be able to handle most everyday tasks. This is the biggest selling point for those that get frustrated with the small size of most pocket knives. So the knife in particular is quite long for a unit of 3 inches. Due to this, it is heavier than most Victorinox knives at 135 grams but it's unlikely that you will mind its size.

We should bear in mind that the lock is actually very handy and gives a far more secure feel when using the knife for heavier projects. The fact that it has a lock blade will make it illegal in the UK to carry in public but not a problem in the wild of course. The Victorinox outrider's price is great for the amount of tools and quality of the unit. The outrider is well-known for its comfortable grip that makes it comfy to use. is one of their top priorities so the knives have easy and comfortable handles.

So whatever kind of cook you are, full time chef or just a stay-at-home mother who cooks, you would not regret from this brand. Since it started, this brand has made a name for itself as a provider of top quality knives. They can fit in pouches, hence, they are handy. Not only these, but they are also producing sharpeners for all kinds of knives and situations. One has to make sure that the knives are properly sharpened so they remain durable and will be up for any kind of tasks at hand.

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